colored Non Woven Fabric sheets

Non Woven Fabric

Manufacture high quality fabric

What is Non Woven Fabric?

We as Non Woven Suppliers Company manufacture high quality fabric, colored non woven rolls which is made of long fibers bonded together with heat, mechanical, chemical or solvent treatment process. Fabric name as felt in textile industries which is neither woven nor knitted. Non woven fabric is the best alternative fabric to polyurethane foam. These fabrics are bonded together by entangling the fibers or the filaments. These non woven fabrics are produced by molten fabrics which are porous, flat in nature.

Non woven fabric are manmade fibers or the bat of natural sheets excluding the papers that not been converted into the yarns. We also provide printed non woven fabric as per customer requirement. We manufacture colored non woven rolls which has dark and faint colored as per customer demands.

Bonding Methods of Non Woven Fabrics

  • Adding an adhesive
  • Thermally fusing the fibers or filaments to each other or to the other meltable fibers or powders
  • Fusing fibers by first dissolving, and then resolidifying their surfaces
  • Creating physical tangles
  • Stitching the fibers

Features of Non Woven Fabric

  • Printed Non Woven Fabric
  • Colored Non Woven Rolls